Aroidia - The Species Files

Aroid Species we use in our work.

The following lists detail the aroid species that are currently in use in the breeding programs at Aroidia Research. At present our primary focus is work with the genus Alocasia, and secondarily Philodendron and Anthurium.

In the list below appear a few plants that may not be true species. Since we, nonetheless, continue to use them in our work, we list them here.

While the names listed are correct to the best of our knowledge, if someone recognizes a plant or plants here and can identify them more accurately for us from the pictures, please email us with the information and reference.

Any plants listed that are not yet linked to a description page are awaiting a satisfactory representative picture.

While these listings are comprehensive, they are not complete, as a number of Anthurium, Philodendron, and Alocasia species we have in our collections will not be illustrated here until hybridization work with them commences.

Alocasia species.

Philodendron and Thaumatophyllum species.

Anthurium species.

We have a number of other Anthurium species not listed here but this list includes the ones with which we have been hybridizing. As we add more to our program, we will add more to this list.

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