Alocasia macrorrhizos "Big Mac"

Alocasia macrorrhizos "Big Mac"

Alocasia macrorrhizos Big Mac

This is a variant of A. macrorrhizos that we acquired in late summer of 2004. Initially, it was just a pup that looked no different from any other green A. macrorrhizos we have seen and/or grown. As it grew in size, however, the plant evidently showed itself to be a far heavier, more vigorous variety. In fact, now that the plant has reached blooming size (after less than a year), in size it rivals our Alocasia "Borneo Giant", and may be a variant of that plant. One significant difference is the size of the "Big Mac" inflorescences, the longest of any Alocasia we have had the opportunity to study. When fully mature, they are 18" or more from base of spathe to tip, and the spadices produce copious amounts of fertile pollen, unlike the A. "Borneo Giant", which produces somewhat shorter inflorescences with a more modest amount of pollen shed.

Alocasia Big Mac inflorescence

In the photo above, note the pseudobloom to the right of the actual inflorescences. The plant produced four of these large inflorescences in late Spring/early Summer 2005, the first time we observed it in bloom. We have obtained plants both from selfing the "Big Mac" and from crossing it with A. sinuata and others.

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