Philo. sp. "Dwarf Speciosum"

Philodendron sp. "Dwarf Speciosum"

We've had this plant for nearly 20 years and have forgotten how we acquired it, and we welcome any positive ID that anyone can provide us with.

The leaf blades are no more than a foot long, with petioles of about the same length. It grows in a manner characteristic of arborescent Philodendrons, like Philodendron bipinnatifidum, except for the much smaller overall size, even when mature.

The plant blooms for us every year and we have completed a number of hybridizations (yielding seeds) with it. In fact, look at the picture and you'll see some ripe berries visible as the orange object at the lower left portion of the photograph. At one point (before hurricane Andrew) we had what we felt was a very promising "dwarf selloum" type of hybrid selection, but this plant was lost in the hurricane. However, we have repeated the cross that yielded that plant, and are hopeful that we will obtain a similar selection from the progeny.

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