Alocasia 'sarawakensis Dark'
Green-petioled type
Alocasia sarawakensis 'Dark' pic 3

Alocasia 'sarawakensis Dark'
Green petioled type

This is an example of the variants that arise when growing a chimeric variegant such as this plant is. These green types retain the purple abaxial coloration, but otherwise show plain green petioles and main veins.

Alocasia sarawakensis 'Dark' pic 4

While the species Alocasia sarawakensis is completely green in color, it differs from this plant in that the green is darker and the petioles and leaf reverses have a very fine fuzz or layer of peach-fuzz sized hair. Additionally, this plant has puckery, or somewhat bullate, leaves while A. sarawakensis has smooth leaves

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