Philodendron sp. (unknown)

Philodendron sp. "unknown"

Philodendron sp.

We acquired this Philodendron from a Coral Gables house where it was being grown as a hedge, of all things. Periodically, the homeowner would "trim" the hedge, and we collected some of the "clippings" from the trash pile. I observed the plant in bloom and the inflorescences were typical of arborescent philodendrons in overall morphology.

About a year ago, we decided to return to the location to attempt the collection of some more cuttings, but we discovered that the plant had disappeared entirely from the area where we found it originally.

Philodendron sp. inflorescence

Because of the dwarf size and interesting leaf shape, we believe that it holds great promise as a parent to future hybrids. The picture above shows the first of two blooms on our plant in January 2008.

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