Philodendron sp. "vining bipinnatifidum"

Philodendron sp. "vining bipinnatifidum"

Philodendron sp. 'vining bipinnatifidum'

We've seen this plant in collections for some time, but we do not have a verified specific name for it, so anyone who recognizes the plant is encouraged to write us with the proper ID.

This Philodendron is a large grower once it gets under way, and it prefers warm humid weather. In our experience, the plant just about quits growing when the temperature goes down below 60 degrees F. The inflorescences have a bulbous base that is maroon in color, and a relatively short upper section of spathe surrounding the male portion of the spadix.

Although the picture seems to indicate that the plant is a climber, in actuality it is more of a creeper. The leaves are very similar to those on some varieties of P. bipinnatifidum (selloum), but this plant is not in the Meconostigma group of Philodendrons.

We have crossed this plant successfully with P. callosum and P. gloriosum. Time will tell if we have something worth reporting.

Philodendron inflorescences

Above is a view of this plant in full bloom. Note the opened inflorescences as well as those not yet mature and those that have already opened and closed. Each of them is about 8 inches tall in overall size. The morphology of these inflorescences demonstrates that this plant is not in the Meconostigma group of Philodendrons.

Philodendron leaves

Above is a different view of the leaves on this plant. An open inflorescence is visible at the middle right of the picture.

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