Philodendron williamsii

Philodendron williamsii

Philodendron williamsii leaf

P. williamsii is a medium-sized meconostigma plant with attractive glossy and entire leaves. This plant prefers growing in semi-shade or full shade - if grown in full sun, the leaves can burn or become yellow-green in color.

P. williamsii is not known very well in the trade, although for years plants were sold as "P. williamsii" when in fact they were P. stenolobum. When I did my original cross of P. bipinnatifidum (selloum) and P. stenolobum, I was under the belief that P. stenolobum was P. williamsii, so I named my hybrid "P. x willoum".

Below see detail of the stem of P. williamsii; you can also see tags indicating my hybrid work with the blooms.

Philodendron williamsii stem
Philodendron williamsii bloom

Above see the bloom of P. williamsii.

Philodendron williamsii fruit

And last but not least, the fruit produced by P. williamsii

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