Alocasia reticulata

Alocasia reticulata

Alocasia reticulata pic 1

Alocasia reticulata may not be the correct name for this plant, as I have seen it labeled "Alocasia zebrina reticulata", for example. While a study of the inflorescences of A. tigrina, A. zebrina, and this plant reveal that they are of close affinity, a genetic analysis would be necessary to determine if this is a sport or mutation, or a true distinct species. In any event, this has not deterred us from hybridizing with it, and we have obtained berry set using both A. odora and A. macrorrhizos "Borneo Giant" as ovule parents. In time we shall see what manner of progeny result from this work.

Alocasia reticulata pic 2

Note the unusual leaf vein pattern and that it is prominent both on the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of the leaves.

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