Alocasia rugosa

Alocasia rugosa

Alocasia melo rugosa

The correct name for this plant is probably Alocasia melo, but it is being sold commercially as A. rugosa. It is distinguished by having thick, rugose and bullate leaves that make it almost like a succulent. In fact, success with this plant includes allowing it to stay on the dry side; wet soil conditions will invariably result in rotting and the demise of the plant. We had one specimen that became totally submerged as a result of hurricane Katrina; the plant promptly and completely rotted away. This, of course, earns this plant my designation as a "jewel" Alocasia.

We have used this plant as a pollen parent in hybridizing with A. reginula and A. 'Borneo Giant'; the A. reginula produced berries and seeds before itself succumbing to rot. The results of the cross with A. 'Borneo Giant' are still pending.

Alocasia melo rugosa infl

The inflorescences share similarities with those of A. chaii, A. scabriuscula, A. reginula, A. reginae 'Miri' and A. ridleyi.

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