Philodendron saxicola

Philodendron saxicola

Philodendron saxicola

Philodendron saxicola is one of the rarest plants in the meconostigma group of Philodendron plants. It grows smaller than most meconostigmas and is also much more difficult to grow successfully.

In habitat, P. saxicola grows on cliffs and semi-arid places in Brazil. The plant is seen with leaf shapes varying from deeply lobed to mildly lobed, and from bluish leaves to green. In cultivation, I keep this one in a greenhouse at all times so as to keep rain off the leaves. The reason for this is that the plant is very susceptible to Erwinia infections, which is the bane of some meconostigma plants.

Above you can see the general habit of P. saxicola.

Philodendron saxicola leaf

Above you can see a close-up view of one leaf on Philodendron saxicola and below see a close-up of the bloom.

Philodendron saxicola bloom
Philodendron saxicola fruit

Finally, above are the ripe berries of P. saxicola.

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