Alocasia scabriuscula "LRO"

Alocasia scabriuscula "LRO"

Alocasia scabriuscula LRO

We recently learned that this plant, previously known only as "LRO", is actually A. scabriuscula. This species is apparently quite variable in morphology so we are leaving the moniker "LRO" to distinguish this type specimen from other A. scabriuscula specimens that may differ from it. Interestingly, we have successfully crossed it already as berries are developing inside the bottom portion of the spathe visible in the picture. Overall, the plant is a robust grower with leaves of heavy substance, dark green on the adaxial surface and very light green on the abaxial surface. This plant has some similarities to A. ridleyi, but is much larger in every way, the leaves of LRO are longer, and A. ridleyi produces many more inflorescences at a smaller size than LRO does.

Alocasia scabriuscula LRO 2

Above is a different specimen of the Alocasia scabriuscula "LRO"; this particular plant has since gone into a blooming cycle (see below).

Alocasia scabriuscula blooming

The inflorescences of Alocasia scabriuscula "LRO", showing all stages.

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