Alocasia odora x A. gageana
Pixie Teardrops 1 Pixie Teardrops 2

Alocasia "Pixie's Teardrops"

While one of our plants being sold in the trade is the result of this cross, it is by no means typical of the surprising progeny that came out of that cross. The Alocasia x calidora being sold as "calodora", "caladora" or "Persian Palm" (obviously neither from Persia nor a Palm!) resembles a more vigorous Alocasia odora in most respects, but these two seedlings from the same cross bear no resemblance to either parent.

Out of the whole batch of seedlings, we got four such as these (two of them illustrated here). The top picture bears quite a resemblance to a miniature A. cucullata, which got us thinking that the relationships between some of these Alocasias may be a lot closer than some think.

While none of these originals survived hurricane Andrew, we have replicated the cross to see if we can develop more like these. Results will be announced (and pictured) here.

Click here for two more pictures of the Pixie's Teardrops

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