Thaumatophyllum sp. "Chumley Curly" Page 2
Thaumatophyllum Chumley Curly sdlgs1

Thaumatophyllum sp. "Chumley Curly" seedling information

This first picture shows a comparison of two seedlings grown from selfing the Chumley Curly. As you can see clearly, the one on the left is smaller and more compact than the one on the right. The one on the right grew up to look much like a typical T. bipinnatifidum, while the one on the left grew up to look like a real Chumley Curly. So if you are growing one of these plants from seed and your plant is not looking very small and compact, even at an early age, it may not grow up to look like a true Chumley Curly.

Thaumatophyllum Chumley Curly sdlg2

This shot is a closer view of the smaller seedling from above

Thaumatophyllum Chumley Curly stem

This third photo shows the smaller plant seen from the side. Note that the plant is shown in a 4 inch pot.

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