xSpecialocasia vietnamensis
"Phat Chance"

xSpecialocasia vietnamensis
"Phat Chance" - Berry set and seedlings

xSpecialocasia berries

The photo above shows developing berries from selfing my blooming specimen of xSpecialocasia. Note that the green berries have some darker coloration to them, in keeping with the dark petiole coloration on the plant.

The picture below shows a subsequent pod of berries, but this time they are fully ripened and ready for harvest and planting. This is where things can be truly exciting.

xSpecialocasia ripe berries
xSpecialocasia multi pods

As can be seen in the photo above, I have been busy working with this plant. Some of these are the result of selfing, while others involve hybridization with pollen from other hybrids I have already developed. Once all are ripe, planted and growing, I will know if these multi-faceted hybridizations have been successful.

xSpecialocasia F2 seedlings

The shot above is what has resulted from germinating the seeds collected from the pod pictured at the top of this page. Note the varying leaf shapes even at this very early stage in their growth. This is truly exciting for me! As these grow, I will share more here on this xSpecialocasia site.

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