Alocasia portei x A. alba (crassifolia)

Alocasia "Ripple Effect"

Alocasia Ripple Effect

This Alocasia is, arguably, one of the most attractive of all our hybrids, with heavy textured "triple-rippled" blue-green leaves and, in some selections, striped or spotted petioles. It is also one of the most elusive, because both parents lack the hardiness that A. odora brings to the mix. As a result, very few of the progeny of this cross have survived.

The progeny came in three main types; green petioles, linear striped petioles, and spotted petioles. The stripes and spots were a dark purplish-maroon color.

The black and white shot is one that was published in Aroideana, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 74-81, as part of our article entitled, "Hybridizing Alocasias for the Landscape". The bottom color shot shows a more matured specimen in full glory.

We have successfully duplicated this cross; the seedlings, while still small, show signs of including both the striped version and the spotted version. Additionally, the A. alba clone used is more vigorous than that used in the original cross. Hope springs eternal that one or more of the progeny will turn out to be fertile and able to be crossed with A. odora for added hardiness.

Alocasia Ripple Effect 2
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