Anthurium "Jamaican Birdsnest"

Anthurium "Jamaican Birdsnest"

Anthurium Jamaican Birdsnest

Our first major Anthurium cross resulted in this plant, a cross between the Anthurium sp. "Jamaican" and an unspecified Anthurium "birdsnest" type. Birdsnest Anthuriums are at least as variable (and intercrossed) as the Philodendron "selloum", so pinning down an exact species for one, especially one found in the nursery trade, can be next to impossible.

This plant has proved as durable and hardy as the Anthurium sp. "Jamaican", enduring lack of care, heat, cold, storms, underpotting, too much sun, too little sun; in other words, our standard stress test!

We have not done any further work with this one, but we have, once again, resumed hybridization with the Anthurium sp. "Jamaican", so watch for the results here as soon as we have plants large enough to show their true character.

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