Philodendron selloum x P. "dwarf speciosum"

Philodendron x "Dwarf Selloum"

Dwarf Selloum leaf Dwarf Selloum plant

This result of our cross of Philodendron selloum and P. "dwarf speciosum" is one of the seedling variants that shows an overall look of a "dwarf P. selloum".

The plant was easy to grow and had a similar leaf and petiole size as the "dwarf speciosum", but with the added features of a stockier stem and the leaves being pinnately cut as a P. selloum leaf is.

The bad news is that we lost this particular selection as a result of hurricane Andrew's destructive force. The shade house where this plant and many others were kept was reduced to rubble, and the plants were buried in the rubble. This plant never recovered from the ordeal. However, we have done a similar hybridization from which we are now growing on seedlings, so all is not lost.

Dwarf Selloum stem
P. x "Dwarf selloum" stem view
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