Philodendron selloum x P. "dwarf speciosum"

Philodendron "Dwarf Eichleri"

Philodendron dwarf eichleri Philodendron dwarf eichleri roots

This hybrid has the same parentage as the "dwarf selloum", but this selection survived the hurricane and has been growing well for years. We gave it the name of "dwarf Eichleri" only because the leaf shape is similar to the leaf shape of P. eichleri, except the leaves on this plant are much shorter and there is no reddish or pinkish coloration anywhere on the plant.

One distinctive characteristic that this plant has displayed is that it has what I call "prehensile roots". By this I mean that the roots emerging from the trunk or stem, instead of going towards the ground and "digging in", go towards the nearest upright object and attempt to spiral around it. In the second picture, note that this plant is growing at the foot of a stand of bamboo, and several of the roots are neatly wrapped around the culms as if wound around there on purpose by some jokester of the night!

When we get the opportunity, we will attempt a back-cross onto P. selloum as another route towards getting a "dwarf selloum" again.

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