Dendroaglaonema undulata

Dendroaglaonema undulata, the Wavy Tree Aglaonema

Dendroaglaonema overview

The Wavy Tree Aglaonema, or Dendroaglaonema undulata, has undulated lanceolate leaves on a stocky trunk similar to some palm tree trunks on Earth.

D. undulata grows rapidly, often reaching heights of 20 feet during a single growing season. Should the annual storm season spare it, this plant can grow as tall as 50 feet. Inflorescences are showy and large, and fruits can become about as large as a coconut fruit on Earth. These fruits are buoyant and germinate quickly after being washed up on the coastline of a biological archipelago.

In the illustration above, the overall habit of the plant is shown, including inflorescence, fruits, new shoots and old stumps from previous stalks. These plants are always found growing on the coast.

Another species of Dendroaglaonema, D. alta, can be seen in the top landscape picture here.

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