Alocasia x 'Imperial Giant'

Alocasia x 'Imperial Giant'

Alocasia Imperial Giant

This hybrid of Alocasia 'Borneo Giant' and Alocasia 'VangiGo' is destined to be a giant among Alocasias, as the pictured specimens are still young and achieved their size during the wintertime. Summertime growth remains to be seen. The overall look of these plants is very similar to that of the VangiGo with the exception of the main leaf veins, which are creamy white in newly emerged VangiGo leaves, but green in these hybrids. The petioles have a light fine mottling throughout which is a nice touch, and the plants do produce offsets, unlike the VangiGo parent.

While we obtained over 100 seedlings, each plant shows subtle characteristic differences which are more noticeable the larger the plants get.

As of Spring 2008, we have had blooms on two specimens of Imperial Giant, and both appear to be fertile. Continuing hybridization work with this plant, therefore, is in progress, including crossing it with additional species such as A. alba.

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